Vibrant sexy Sulphate Free Colour lock Shampoo 300ml

Sexy Hair Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Shampoo is a truly decadent shampoo that not only cleanses and purifies the tresses, but also maintains the colour and shine of the locks for even longer. Free from all Parabens, Sulphates, Gluten and Salt, Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Shampoo utilises a cocktail of hair-loving ingredients to intensely hydrate the strands whilst simultaneously promoting a glossy, glamorous shine that will give the appearance of beauty instantly. With the ability to be used on a daily basis, this elegant shampoo comprises a succulent texture with an efficient formula, certifying itself as a true beauty necessity. Perfect for those who colour-treat their locks, Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Shampoo infuses the coveted Rose and Almond Oils, to guarantee the optimal results are achieved for the hair whilst enticing the senses with an invigorating scent. Combining an ability to soothe any irritation on the scalp and deep strand-moisturising properties, Rose Oil works magnificently within the formula to produce a sophisticated finish for the hair without compromising on the clarity and health. Similarly, Almond Oil utilises Vitamin E and a luscious texture to enrich this cleanser for the tresses with gentle yet highly effective care and nourishment. Specially formulated to maximise the vibrancy of the coloured hair, Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Shampoo masterfully heals and repairs any split ends and damage caused by daily aggressors and heat exposure, resulting in a truly transformed result for the locks. Welcome the new you with Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Shampoo from the haircare experts at Sexy Hair. Tip: If used in conjunction with the other products in the Vibrant Sexy Hair Collection, Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Shampoo is guaranteed to provide glossy results that will last for up to 10 weeks.

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