Vibrant sexy Sulphate Free Colour lock Conditioner 300ml

Sexy Hair Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Conditioner is a luxuriously scented hair conditioner that deeply nourishes the locks whilst simultaneously maintaining colour vibrancy. Ideal for colour treated hair types, Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Conditioner masterfully repairs and heals the damage caused by chemicals, daily aggressors and heat exposure, resulting in a glossy, glamorous finish that will be noticed by everybody. Formulated without Parabens, Salts, Sulphates and Gluten, this decadent elixir nourishes even the thirstiest of hair types, delivering root-deep care that will provide a glossy, healthy effect without compromising on the texture or the colour retention. With the ability to reconstruct each individual strands' anatomy, this enchanting conditioner lusciously calms and smooths the hair, and with the inclusion of Rose and Almond Oil, this haircare necessity certifiesitself as an absolute essential for any cosmetic junkie. Combining an ability to soothe any irritation on the scalp and deep strand-moisturising properties, Rose Oil works magnificently within the formula to produce a sophisticated finish for the hair without compromising on the hydration and health. Similarly, Almond Oil utilises Vitamin E and a luscious texture to enrich this moisturiser for the tresses with gentle yet highly effective care and nourishment. Get a seductively vibrant and luscious finish for the locks with Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Conditioner. Tip: To fully maintain the potency of the colour in the hair, use Vibrant Sulphate Free Color Lock Conditioner in conjunction with the other products in the Vibrant Sexy Hair Collection.

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