Total Results So Long Damage Shampoo 300ml

DETAILS: So Long Damage Shampoo with a ceramide helps boost strength to long hair to help reduce breakage to prolong healthy hair growth. Hair is totally strong with less breakage* and enhanced shine.

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Matrix Total Results So Long Damage Shampoo is a high performance shampoo for brittle and damaged hair.

Restore life to your distressed hair with Total Results So Long Damage Shampoo; advanced Cuticle Rebond TechnologyÙ blends Ceramide and Amino Silicones for salon perfect results. Damaged hair cuticles are resurfaced for a healthy boost, resulting in a sumptuous finish for the tresses.

Hair is left lusciously cleansed, whilst brittle strands of hair are rebuilt; natural strength and shine are boosted for healthy, strong and revitalised hair.